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Gusto Connector

Org Profiles allow employees to quickly and easily share a bit about themsevles, and access information about other people in their org. For organizations that use Gusto, OrgOrg provides a connector to automatically sync data from Gusto to OrgOrg. This significantly eases management of basic employee details, so that it is always up to date. OrgOrg allow you to choose at a field level which data you would like to use from Gusto, like their manager, deparment, phone number, and many others.
OrgOrg administrators can enable the Gusto connector in the Admin Control Panel.

Connecting Gusto

To connect Gusto to OrgOrg Sign in to OrgOrg.
  1. Visite the Connector dashboard
  2. Click Connect on the Gusto tile to connect a pre-existing Gusto account.
  3. Enter your Gusto credentials and click Authorize.
  4. You'll be returned to OrgOrg and presented a list of fields where you can choose which one to sync.

Mapping Users

OrgOrg uses the work email address in Gusto to identify the same user in OrgOrg. Users with the same work email address in Gusto as their OrgOrg account will automatically be synced. You can view which employees have Gusto accounts that do not have OrgOrg accounts by visiting the Gusto connector details page.

Disconnecting Gusto

To disconnect OrgOrg from Gusto, click the Disconnect option in the Connector dashboard. Error messages and resolutions If you encounter any errors, please reach out to the OrgOrg support team.
At OrgOrg, we are committed to bringing productivity and delight to your organization. If you have any questions regarding your Gusto integration, please don't hesitate to reach out.


The fastest way to get support is by joining our Slack workspace. This is a great place to get help from OrgOrg directly, as well as a space to share and get ideas from others.
You can also reach us at